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Our GIANT Squishy Kawaii Stuffed Animals or Plushies make great gifts for your loved one. Check out Cuddly huggable plush toys and kawaii-fy your life. We have everything from Boba plush to Large 11ft Teddy bear with Free Shipping

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Why Do You Need Our Giant Stuffed Animals and Kawaii Plushies?

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Reduce Stress And Anxiety

It is no suprise that adults are more stressed and anxious than kids. Our stuffed animals provide a sense of comfort and security, which reduces cortisol levels known to soothe stress and anxiety.

Symbol Of Affection

Did you know that cuddling with one of our giant stuffed animals will help you fall asleep faster? This is because hugging demonstrates affection and emotional warmth which is sign of affection. Your giant stuffy is a daily reminder of love and comfort

Perfect Gift Idea

Our giant plushies make the perfect gift for everyone from food lovers to movie buffs since they make the best couch companions. They make the perfect home decor and remind the receiver that they are loved and supported.

More Than A Plushie

Our Stuffed plushies are so much more than a Kawaii cuddly creatures, they are a body pillow, neck pillow, something to rely on when sleeping, reading or even working. These Giant Kawaii plushies make the perfect gift for Kawaii lovers, and an amazing couch companion while cuddling up for movie night, or just a cute accent for their room.

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