About Us

Images of Goodlifebean. About Us and How Goodlifebean Was Started.

What are Life Beans?

Beans are symbolic of Magic powers and with Goodlifebean.com we aim to fill your life with magical problem solving products. With one product at a time, we like to challenge your living habits from the way you make coffee to the way you perceive your loved ones. Everything we do, starts with solving a problem and adding a magical touch to it.

How It All Started?

Teddy Bear In Disneyland | Teddy Bear from Goodlifebean

Certainly, not in a GOOD place. There's nothing better than a wide-eyed smile on the face of your loved ones when you give them unexpected small gifts out of the ordinary. And that's exactly what led to the birth of Goodlifebean.  Like most big ideas, we started Goodlifebean at our boring corporate job while scrolling through a gazillion memes, and that's when we started creating a range of meme-worthy Instagrammable products loved all over the world. Our love for crazy creative stuff grew deeper since then.  

What we Do?

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We make RIDICULOSLY GOOD BEANS for you. Our Motto is to bring to RIDICULOSLY Good beans for a Ridiculously Awesome Life. We have a wide of products from life-hacking gadgets to quirky gifts for your big small life moments.