Can You Get Through This Blog Without Spending $44 or more??

Giant Kawaii Stuffed Animal Plush Goodlifebean

Need a hug? Looking for the softest teddy bear, the most lovable and adorable panda, a dinosaur, and a bunny? We has a range of Giant Stuffed plushies that are soft enough to squish and firm enough to hug for every cuddle lover. Let’s see how far you can get without hitting ”ADD TO CART”

1.GIANT Panda with Avocado Plush

 Giant Stuffed Kawaii Panda Plush Goodlifebean

Pandas are known to be the best huggers in the world – fact! These Gentle giants will cuddle you till the end of time and won’t let go until you tell them to. Soft to snuggle with, these make a great couch companion.
Checkout our Giant Stuffed Panda Plush Here: Stuffed Panda Plush

2. Jiggly Bunny Plush

Stuffed Bunny Rabbit Plush Animal Goodlifebean

If there’s something our Honey The Giant Bunny Plush loves the most in this world besides carrots, is UNLIMITED SNUGGLES. Our Jiggly Bunny plush is the squishiest thing you’ll ever hug. 
Checkout our Stuffed Bunny Plush here: Honey: The Giant Bunny Plush

3. World’s Largest Teddy Bear (11Ft)

You love cuddling, we love cuddling, and everyone loves cuddling especially if it’s a GIANT 11 Feet big teddy bear. This Life-sized teddy bear is the WORLD’S LARGEST TEDDY BEAR available so far

Large Giant Teddy Bear

Checkout Here: 11Ft Life-Size Teddy Bear

4. Jumbo Elephant Plush

You are in for a Lifetime of unlimited snuggles with our JUMBO Elephant Plush.

Giant Big Large Elephant Plush Goodlifebean

5. Kawaii Piggy Plush


Who loves Kawaii Piggies?! Our adorable Chonky piggy plush makes the perfect gift for any pig lover!

6. Husky Plush


Do you love huskies? When you feel stressed or need some company the husky plush is perfect to melt that stress away

7. Giant Stuffed Cow Plush


Have you ever wondered what makes a big-eyed cow plush toy so lovable? It’s one thing to recognize that they are soft and cuddly. It’s another thing to appreciate just how realistic and comforting they really are.

8. Boba Drinking Pig Plush

If you love Boba tea and Giant cuddly baby pigs then this squishy Boba drinking pig plush is for you.

9. Kawaii Alpaca Plush

Alpacas are some of the softest and lovable animals on the planet. Our Kawaii Alpaca plush is super friendly and loves warm hugs, so he won’t mind snuggling all night and serving as a body pillow.

10. Grumpy Cat Plush

Simply Relatable, Soft & Adorable! This Grumpy Cat Plush has such a hilarious funny facial expression!!

As a Cat Lover, how can you miss this Cute Cat Plush? They are chonky and great to cuddle after a long day from work!

11. Giant Hippo Plush 


This Giant Stuffed Hippo Plush is the perfect exotic addition to your cuddly plush collection.

12, Jiggly Boba Plush


Filled with super soft mochi-like material, our Giant Jiggly Boba Plush is the perfect gift for Boba tea lovers.

13. Shiba Inu Plush

Our Big Squishy Huggable Shiba Dog plush add an incredibly cute animal accent to your sofa and when there is no shoulder to lean onto, you can snuggle into one of these animals and they love to receive warm hugs and even more they enjoy a tight squeeze.

14.Peachy Long Stuffed Bunny Plush


This long-ear gang will pamper you best cuddles you’ve ever had. With a cute smiling face and a long chonky body, this plushy will make anyone fall in love. 

Checkout All Our Giant Stuffed Kawaii Animal Plushies Here