12 GIANT Kawaii Plushies That Scream "Hug-Me"

12 GIANT Plushies You Need Right Now

You scream, I scream, we all scream for super cute stuffed animals & kawaii plushies! Our snuggly huggable Giant plushies are here to kawaii-fy your life. Checkout our Giant Kawaii plushies here and gift one to the special ones in your life as the most thoughtful Christmas gift 

1. GIANT Kawaii Baby Piggy Plush

Baby Pig_Piglet Plush_Plushies_Plush_Stuffed Animal Plush
With chubby cheeks and lots of Chonky cuddles this Giant Pig plush will hug you no matter what. This Piggy plush is soft enough to cuddle and firm enough to squish.
Checkout our Kawaii Baby Piggy plush here: Stuffed Baby Pig Plush
Piggy_Pig Plush

2. Elli: The Giant Stuffed Elephant Plush

Stuffed Animal Plush_Giant Cat Plush_Stuffed animals toys

Known for her extremely cheery looks, our Giant Elephant plush brings a boatload of positivity and good vibes to any place. Her soft fur (cruelty-free) and bright smile with take your sleep to next level.

Checkout our Giant Kawaii Elephant Plush here: Shop Stuffed Elephant Plush 
Giant Stuffed Elephant Plush

3. Jumbo Avocado Plush

Giant Stuffed Avocado Plush_Avocado Plushie_Stuffed toys, plushies, plush

Our Giant Avocado plush is the perfect gift for Avocado lovers since avocados are the ONLY thing every vegan friends can't stop talking about. They’re super soft and cuddly with a lot of health benefits. Cuddling with this Giant avocado plush will make any day even better.

Checkout our Giant Avocado Plush here: Shop Giant Avocado Plush

Stuffed Avocado Plush

4. Giant Moody Cat Plush

Stuffed Animal Plush_Giant Cat Plush_Stuffed animals toys

Any cat parents, would know that our Moody Cat plush is the most relatable cat mood of all time. Cute when cuddled with and super cute when left on its own. Our moody cat plush is a permanent 2020-2021 Mood. 
Checkout Stuffed Giant Cat plush here: Shop Moody Cat Plushie

5. Giant Boba Plush
Giant Boba Bubble Tea Plush
Squishy, loveable and just so bright, our Boba plushies comes in 7 different flavors from Strawberry Boba, milk tea Boba to Match bubble tea and so much more. These Giant plushies are just so perfect to snuggle and cuddle with. After all nothing comforts during holiday season, more that cozy things and comfort-teas.  Our Kawaii Boba plushies are the perfect gift for anyone that loves bubble tea and unlimited hugs.
Checkout Giant stuffed bubble tea plush here: Shop Stuffed Boba Plush
Kawaii Boba Plushie_plush_Bubble Tea Plush

6. Koodles The Giant Koala Plush

Giant Koala Plush

Always tired, always sleeping, often day- dreaming, this Giant Stuffed Koala plush is the most relatable holiday gift for all the sleepy heads in your life. Constantly exhausted but 24*7 ready to cuddle, this Giant Stuffed animal plush is ideal for snuggling on a cozy winter evening.

Checkout our Stuffed Koala Plush here: Giant Stuffed Koala Plushie

Stuffed Koala Plush

7. Giant Stuffed Hamster Plush

 Giant Hamster Plush

Our stuffed hamster plush is extremely huggable, lovable and a gentle reminder that there's nothing in this world, a warm hug can't solve. 

Checkout our Giant Kawaii Hamster plush here: Shop Giant stuffed Hamster Plush

8. Stuffed Shiba Boba plush
Giant Plush
This Giant plush combines 2 of our favorite things bubble tea and cutest dogs. Give one of these stuffed animal plushies as a gift for any celebration! From birthdays and holidays to graduations or any special occasion, anyone will love receiving this precious stuffed dog friend

Checkout our Shiba Boba Plush here: Shop Shiba drinking Boba Plush

9. Giant Stuffed Carly The Cow Plush

Giant Stuffed Cow Plush

Our Giant stuffed cow plush is more than an adorable plush. This is not only a plush toy but also a body pillow, neck pillow, sleeping, reading, working, can rely on, super soft and comfortable. You and your friends will never want to stop hugging it. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves animals or just wants something cute and cuddly!

Cow Plush

Checkout out Stuffed Cow Plush here: Shop Carly The Stuffed Cow Plush

10. Stuffed Foodie Plushies: French fries, hamburger, pizza, hotdog and more

Hamburger Stuffed Plush
These stuffed foody favorite plush pillows are waiting to be cuddled with. We have a wide range of foodie plushies from giant stuffed hamburger plush to ice cream, pizza and French fries plush.

Checkout all here: Shop Stuffed Foodie Friends Plush

11. Stuffed Giant Piggy Plush

Stuffed Pig Plush Giant Kawaii Plush

Our Giant jiggly stuffed piggy plush make the best gift for holidays. They make amazing couch companions while cuddling up for a movie night, or just to add a Kawaii accent to your room.

Checkout our Jumbo Piggly Wiggly Plush here: Shop Giant Stuffed Pig Plush

Stuffed Pig Plush_Plushie_Stuffed animal plush

12. Kawaii Stuffed Alpaca/Llama Plush

 Llama/Alpaca Plush

With a delightful smiley face, super soft fur and an adorable little pouch on its back, our Alpaca/Llama Plushie is soft and cuddly! This stuffed Alpaca plush is perfect for resting your head or feet on, or to decorate your sofa or nursery with!

Checkout Stuffed Alpaca/Llama plush here: Shop Giant Stuffed Alpaca/Llama Plush