40 Name Ideas for Your Cuddly Bunny Plushie or Pal

Adopted a New Bunny? Here are 40 Name Ideas for Your Cuddly Bunny Plushie or Pal

Adopting a new bunny, whether it's a real-life furry friend or an adorable plushie, is an exciting and heartwarming experience. One of the most delightful tasks you’ll face is choosing the perfect name. A name can reflect your bunny’s personality, appearance, or even your own interests. Here are 40 charming name ideas to consider for your cuddly bunny plushie or pal.

Cute Bunny Names

When it comes to naming your bunny, sometimes the cuter, the better. Here are some irresistibly adorable names to consider:

  1. Thumper: Inspired by the beloved character from Disney's "Bambi."
  2. Peter: From Beatrix Potter’s famous Peter Rabbit tales.
  3. Cottontail: For a bunny with a fluffy tail.
  4. Flopsy: Another name from Beatrix Potter’s stories.
  5. Hopper: Perfect for an energetic bunny.
  6. Snuggles: Ideal for a bunny who loves to cuddle.
  7. Binky: Named after the joyful jumps bunnies do.
  8. Peanut: For a small and adorable bunny.
  9. Muffin: Sweet and comforting, just like the treat.
  10. Cuddles: A straightforward name for a bunny who loves hugs.

What to Name a Pet Bunny

Naming a pet bunny can be a fun yet challenging task. Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect name for your new furry friend:

Nature-Inspired Names

  1. Willow: Gentle and graceful, like the tree.
  2. Daisy: For a bunny as fresh and lovely as the flower.
  3. Maple: Inspired by the beautiful tree.
  4. Fern: Perfect for a bunny who loves to explore.
  5. River: For a bunny with a calm and flowing personality.

Unique and Quirky Names

  1. Ziggy: Fun and full of personality.
  2. Nimbus: For a bunny who’s as soft as a cloud.
  3. Pixel: Great for tech lovers.
  4. Echo: A name that’s both cool and unique.
  5. Quasar: For a bunny that’s out of this world.

Food-Inspired Names

  1. Caramel: Sweet and smooth.
  2. Biscuit: Perfect for a small, round bunny.
  3. Marshmallow: Soft and sweet.
  4. Pumpkin: A cozy and warm name.
  5. Cinnamon: Spicy and sweet.

20+ Kawaii Names For Your Bunny Plushie

If you're looking for some kawaii (cute in Japanese) names for your bunny plushie, here are some delightful options:

Names Inspired by Popular Culture

  1. Lola: From "Space Jam."
  2. Bugs: The iconic Bugs Bunny.
  3. Roger: Inspired by "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."
  4. Velveteen: From "The Velveteen Rabbit."
  5. Judy: From "Zootopia."

Gentle and Soft Names

  1. Whisper: Perfect for a quiet and gentle bunny.
  2. Velvet: Smooth and luxurious.
  3. Dreamy: For a bunny with a calm disposition.
  4. Feather: Light and delicate.
  5. Silky: Soft and smooth.

Fun and Playful Names


  1. Bounce: For a bunny who loves to hop around.
  2. Skip: A cheerful and energetic name.
  3. Tumble: Ideal for a playful bunny.
  4. Pip: Short and sweet.
  5. Giggles: For a bunny who brings joy and laughter.


Naming your new bunny is a special moment that helps bond you with your new friend. Whether you’re inspired by classic tales, nature, unique quirks, or delicious treats, there’s a perfect name out there for every bunny. Take your time, enjoy the process, and soon you'll have a name that fits your cuddly bunny plushie or real-life pal perfectly.

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