Top Trending Plush Toys of 2023 (Updated)

Hold onto your teddy bears, because 2023's plush toy scene is roaring with creativity and quirkiness! Get ready to dive into a fluffy world of trendy plushies that are here to make you chuckle, cuddle, and maybe even question reality. From eggplant plushies to shark-themed snuggles, these plushies are not your average stuffed animals. So, buckle up for a wild ride through the wacky and wonderful world of trending plush toys!

1. Eggplant Plush: Because Veggies Need Hugs Too

Who said veggies can't be cuddly? Our Eggplant Plush is here to prove that even the most misunderstood vegetable deserves its own snuggly spotlight. With its vibrant colors and whimsical design, this plushie is perfect for foodies and aspiring gardeners alike. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to start a plush vegetable patch!

2. Dino Chicken Nugget Plush: A T-Rex on a Chicken Nugget Binge

In a collision of cuteness and prehistoric nostalgia, we introduce the Dino Chicken Nugget Plush. This plushie is like a time machine that lets you go on a snuggle adventure with a dino shaped chicken nuggets. It's a quirky twist that's sure to leave you giggling while pondering the age-old question: did T-Rexes really have a soft spot for fast food?

3. Reversible Strawberry Bunny Plushie: Double the Cuteness, Double the Hugs

Who needs one adorable face when you can have two? The Reversible Bunny Plushie is like having a two-for-one deal on cuteness. With just a flip, you've got a whole new expression to enjoy. It's basically the plushie version of having a mood swing, except way more huggable.

4. Taiyaki Cat Plush: Candy Cats, Because Why Not?

Because combining cats and Japan's most favorite pastry is what the internet was invented for, right? The Taiyaki Cat Plush is the feline friend you never knew you needed in your life. It's like your favorite Taiyaki snack wrapped in a cute cuddly cat plush.

5. Giant Goose Plush: Quackingly Cozy

Move over teddy bears, because our Giant Goose Plush is here to prove that birds can be cuddly too. With its jumbo size and lush cuddly body, this giant plushie is like having your own personal bird friend. Just imagine all the epic stories you can share about your adventures with your giant, fluffy goose. The sky's the limit!

6. Viral Cat Shark Plush: Cat, Shark, Internet Sensation

If you've ever wondered what happens when you mix a cat with a shark, wonder no more. The Viral Cat Shark Plush is here to prove that sometimes, the internet's weirdest creations are also the most adorable. It's like a crossover episode of your favorite animal videos, and it's bringing all the warm and fuzzy feels to your snuggle sessions.

7. Panda in Bamboo Plushie

The Panda in Bamboo plush is a celebration of the natural world. With its endearing panda design nestled in a bamboo shoot, this plushie captures the beauty of wildlife and brings a touch of tranquility to playtime.

8. Hoodie Bear Plush: The Bear with Style

Who says plushies can't be fashion-forward? The Hoodie Bear Plush is here to challenge that notion with its trendy hoodie accessory. Now your bear can rock streetwear while keeping you company. It's like having a snuggly style icon by your side, reminding you that plushies can be fierce and fabulous too.

9. Boba Animal Plushies: Bubble Tea Buddy Brigade

Who says plushies can't join the bubble tea craze? The Boba Animal Plushies are here to show that plushies enjoy a good boba fix too. These adorable plushies combine the charm of your favorite animals with the whimsy of boba tea, creating a quirky concoction that's equal parts cute and caffeinated.

10. Wearable Shark Blanket: Dive into Snuggle Seas 

When it's time to snuggle up, why settle for a plain blanket when you can dive into the cozy depths of the Wearable Shark Blanket? It's like wrapping yourself in a shark's warm embrace. Perfect for movie nights, book reading marathons, and pretending you're the ruler of your very own snuggle sea.

11. Weighted Dino/Plush: Cuddles with a Calming Twist

Seeking cuddles that come with a side of relaxation? The Weighted Dino/Plush has got you covered. It's like a dinosaur-shaped stress ball, but way softer and way more comforting. Whether you're looking to chill out or embark on a dino-themed cuddle adventure, this plushie has got your back (and your front).

12. Buffed Shark Plushie: Strong and Squishy

Prepare for a plushie showdown with the Buffed Shark Plushie. It's like a shark who's been hitting the gym and is now ready for snuggle sparring. With its muscular design and soft, huggable exterior, this plushie brings a whole new meaning to "jaws of steel."


The world of plush toys in 2023 is a whimsical and hilarious wonderland where eggplants get hugs, cats become sharks, and hoodies are a bear's best friend. These trending plushies are breaking all the rules, and we're here for it. So, whether you're in the mood for cuddles, giggles, or a little bit of both, these quirky plushies are ready to make their mark on your heart and your snuggle sessions. Get ready to embark on a cuddly safari of pure, unadulterated plushiness!

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