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Po: Giant Stuffed Animal Panda Plushie(5ft)

Po: Giant Stuffed Animal Panda Plushie(5ft)

  • Super Soft, Cuddle-Ready
  • Improves Sleep, Reduces Anxiety
  • Perfect Gift Idea
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Po: Giant Stuffed Animal Panda Plushie (5ft)

Embrace the immense cuddly charm of Po,, the Giant Stuffed Animal Panda Plushie standing an impressive 5 feet tall. Po is not just a plushie; it's a companion that brings joy and comfort to any space with its huggable size and adorable panda features.

Key Features:

🐼 Giant and Adorable: Standing at 5 feet tall, Po is the epitome of cuddly cuteness, making it perfect for embracing in warm hugs.

🎈 Soft and Plush: Crafted from ultra-soft, premium materials, Po's fluffy fur and gentle demeanor make it ideal for both children and adults alike.

🌟 Realistic Details: From Po's black and white coat to its sweet, expressive eyes, every detail is meticulously designed to capture the essence of a real panda.

🏡 Versatile Decoration: Whether in a nursery, bedroom, or playroom, Po adds a touch of whimsy and coziness to any environment.

Why Choose Po?

🎁 Perfect Gift: Po is an unforgettable gift for panda enthusiasts, children, and anyone who loves oversized plushies.

🛋️ Decorative Accent: Beyond cuddling, Po serves as a charming decor piece that enhances the ambiance of any room.

🌈 Unmatched Comfort: Po's plush body and gentle demeanor provide soothing comfort and relaxation.

👶 Child-Safe Design: Po is crafted with non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime experience.

Care Instructions:

To keep Po looking its best:
1. Spot Cleaning: Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to gently dab away stains.
2. Air Dry: Allow Po to air dry completely before resuming cuddle sessions.
3. Fluffing: Periodically fluff Po's fur to maintain its fluffy and soft texture.

Bring home Po: Giant Stuffed Animal Panda Plushie (5ft) and experience the delight of having a giant panda companion that's perfect for snuggling, decorating, and creating memorable moments. Whether as a gift or a personal indulgence, Po promises to bring boundless joy and warmth to your home.

Size Information:

  • 70cm | 2.2ft
  • 90cm | 2.9ft
  • 110cm | 3.6ft
  • 130cm | 4.2ft
  • 150cm | 4.9ft


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Plush Care

Our Giant plushies are easier to care for than most stuffed animals. To clean your stuffed animal, you can use a lint roller to remove excess lint and hair. Alternatively,you can use mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth. Finally, if the toy is stained or dirty enough to warrant it, you can also wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Checkout our complete Plush care guide Here

Perfect Gift Idea

Everyone loves a giant plushie! Our giant plush creatures are beautifully crafted, huggable and make the perfect gift for everyone from food lovers to movie buffs since they make the best couch companions. They make the perfect home decor and remind the receiver that you love them (in giant cuddly form!).

Why Do You NEED A Giant Stuffed Animal?

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

It is no suprise that adults are more stressed and anxious than kids. Our stuffed animals provide a sense of comfort and security, which reduces cortisol levels known to soothe stress and anxiety.

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Symbol Of Affection

Did you know that cuddling with one of our giant stuffed animals will help you fall asleep faster? This is because hugging demonstrates affection and emotional warmth which is sign of affection. Your giant stuffy is a daily reminder of love and comfort

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