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Old-School Aesthetic Glass Tumbler

Old-School Aesthetic Glass Tumbler

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🌈 Retro Vibes in a Glass: Step back in time and sip in style with our Old-School Aesthetic Glass Tumbler. This glass doesn't just hold your beverage; it hosts a mini time-traveling party right on your table. The vibes? Think of your favorite '80s movie scene, now picture it in a glass. Yep, that's it!

🍹 Perfectly Chilled Goodness: This tumbler isn't just about aesthetics; it's a pro at keeping your beverages perfectly chilled. Pour in your favorite cold drink, and let the glass do its magic. The only brain freeze here is the one you get from enjoying your icy concoction.

🎁 Gift-Worthy Goodness: Looking for the ultimate holiday gift that screams, "I've got style"? Look no further. Our Old-School Aesthetic Glass Tumbler is the perfect present for that friend who appreciates a good throwback. It's like gifting them a piece of nostalgia, beautifully wrapped in a glass.

📌 Pinterest-Worthy and Proud: If your drinkware doesn't make it to your Pinterest board, is it even worth sipping from? Fear not! Our tumbler is Pinterest-y in all its glory. So, snap a pic, share the retro goodness, and watch those likes pour in.

🎉 Bring the Party Home: Why go out when you can bring the party home? This tumbler isn't just for sipping; it's for celebrating life's little moments. From solo dance parties in the kitchen to intimate gatherings, let this glass be your stylish companion.

Time to elevate your sipping game with a touch of nostalgia. Grab your Old-School Aesthetic Glass Tumbler, pour in the goodness, and let the retro vibes roll! 🌟🥂

Material: high borosilicate glass
Function: Environmental protection, high-temperature resistance
Process: hand-blown
Size (height, diameter): 110-120

Size Information:

Capacity: 410ml Diameter: 7cm Height: 8.5cm
Capacity: 650ml Diameter: 7cm Height: 12cm
Capacity: 865ml Diameter: 7cm Height: 15cm


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