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Electric Feet Callus Remover

Electric Feet Callus Remover

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Don't Be Callous With Your Feet

Gentle on your feet and easy to use, Our Electronic Callus Remover quickly helps you achieve soft, silky feet. This electronic dead skin remover is designed to remove hard skin for smooth results after just one use. It buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with smooth feet you'll want to show off. Maintaining soft, beautiful feet has never been so effortless.

This electric foot grinder is an ideal tool for foot repair at home, which can replace a metal scraper. Specially designed to remove rough, dry, and dead skin and calluses.

How does Our Electric Feet Callus Remover work?

Our callus removers have rough-textured rollers. These Scientifically engineered rollers rotate exceptionally fast and incredibly easy to use. The fast-paced rollers grain the skin into dust, buffing it all down. 


The perfect foot care system for easy callous removal. It allows you to roll easily roll away calluses. The special mineral roller operates at a speed of 2,500 RPM to loosen and lift even the most stubborn calluses from your feet and hand. With this callus remover, you’ll never feel self-conscious about wearing shoes that reveal your feet! The buffing roller massages your feet and hands, leaving them looking and feeling beautifully smooth and perfectly polished. 


Why Do You Need This?

  • Never Hide Your Feet Again
    Electric Callus Remover is a buffer system that works to remove dry, cracked, and even calloused skin all with the push of a button. Forget about embarrassing pedicure appointments or lotion your feet all the time.
  • No Pain – Getting Smooth Skin
    This system even works without blades so it is pain-free due to the nano-abrasion roller. All you have to do is pick up it, turn it on, and start buffing away dead skin and calluses, give you smooth feet.
  • Silky Feet in the Palm of Your Hand
    Cordless Callus Remover is a buffer system that works to remove dry, cracked, and even calloused skin all with the push of a button, make your feet baby soft.
  • High Efficient Nano-abrasion Roller
    Your feet will look younger, feel baby soft, and you’ll always be ready for a night on the town. The secret is the gentle nano-abrasion roller that spins at 2000 RPMs too quickly.
  • Go Out with Confidence
    Ditch your sneakers and grab a beautiful pair of stilettos because once you are done using Callus Remover, you will want to show off your feet.

How to use it? Super easy using tools:

  • First, REMOVE the protective roller cover before use.
  • Second, ENSURE that the roller head is securely inserted into the unit. Do not use without the roller head attached.
  • Thirst, Turn on the unit by twisting the silver ring to the left and gently glide the roller head over hard skin and the dead skin will gradually exfoliate. Use only on dry skin. Do not press too hard, or the unit will stop.
  • Then, Turn off and CHECK if you have achieved the softness you desire. If not, turn on and repeat until the level of smoothness is obtained.

Salon-Perfect Feet At Home Has Never Been Easier!

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